Enhance the value of your Buy-to-Let portfolio with the ‘VUMPIX’ reporting system which streamlines all the property and financial management data of your investment portfolio. VUMPIX is a unique system developed in-house by our Investix team of experts.

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Keep track of your property investment like never before

  • Vacancy reports
  • Payouts reports
  • Unpaid reports
  • Increases reports
  • Maintenance report
  • Capex reports

Investix has instant access to vital information to create a rental income report, generate cash flow statements, or email a property performance report to owners that shows a snapshot of occupancy rates, income and expenses and other vital property information. managers can track critical dates, pending lease contracts, maintenance workflows, bad debt tenants through their own personal dashboard reporting and they can drill down to transaction level detail very quickly and easily.

The Investix system is also connected to real time German market data for price and rental index analysis so our investment managers can immediately identify if there are opportunities to increase rents and the overall value of our portfolios.

"Our systems allow us to give our investors complete transparency every quarter they can download a report on how their specific property is performing"

Marco Knoblauch, Managing Partner

Expert Buy-to-Let reporting tools and analysis

Analysis of vacancy & ongoing rent roll

A well-prepared rent roll can include the unit number, unit type and square footage, tenants name, start date, rental amount (current and market), security deposit, running costs contribution (gross rent), additional income such as parking fees and storage fees. Rental balances including the amount paid and balance due. Compare the current rental income (most recent actual rent) to market averages to arrive at your potential rental income. The rent roll always shows you the maximum rental income at 100% occupancy. This is known as the target rent.

Tracking of any late & unpaid rents

The most common dispute between landlords and tenants is late rental payments. Tenants who do not pay rent can potentially cause problems for property investors and reduce the financial performance of the portfolio. If not identified quickly, bad tenants can cause headaches and legal trouble. While most of the time it is a harmless case of forgetfulness, other times it can be a case of malicious intent. One of the best ways we avoid late rental payments is by screening tenants thoroughly to best estimate their level of responsibility and their ability to pay.

Tracking all maintenance expenditure

Your property needs to be looked after and maintained properly. Landlords are required to keep their rental property in a certain condition based on landlord tenant law. These maintenance responsibilities are focused on protecting the health and safety of the residing tenants. Maintenance tracking is a module inside of the VUMPIX system that provides a convenient place for property managers to keep track of maintenance performed on different systems in the building, plumbing, electrics, appliance repair, painting, grounds keeping, cleaning, façade and build repairs. Regular property maintenance is vital if you want your home to maintain its real estate value.

Cash flow analysis and investor payouts

Cash flow is a function of a great many inputs, and any or several of them can change and damage or improve cash flow. Rental income is generally paid monthly but expenses often vary and could be monthly, quarterly or half yearly so it is very important to not only track the historical income and expenses for the property but also to plan for the months ahead. Cash flow reports can also provide an investor with a projection of what cash payouts could be made at the end of the rental year. Cash flow statements are critical to provide accurate data so the financial performance of the investment can be analysed against the original budget or investment plan.

Analysis of market rents & price indexes

Catch up on the latest real estate market information, reports and statistics. All important key figures such as number of transactions, rental trends, sales prices and offer duration can be reported on instantaneously through the VUMPIX system. Changes in the market rental price index are also record for review. Information is constantly updated from automatic online searches in almost all real estate portals, demographic data including our own research. Using our offer price tables you will receive minimum and maximum prices of all transactions in the local area of your property for the last 12 and 24 months, upper and lower limits of the price range sorted by city, zip code, district, district and residential district.

Capex forecast for the next 1-10 years

Investix knows analysing properties is very important. After all, if you don’t have the right plan going into an investment, you’ll never get the right profit coming out of it. Estimating expenses like repairs, vacancy, and property management is relatively straight forward but the one area nearly every investor struggles with is Capex. More formally known as capital expenditures, Capex are those expensive “big ticket” items that need to be replaced every so often, but not every month or year. This could include roofs, appliances, driveways, plumbing systems, or any other large items you should budget for but that do not occur enough to be easily accounted for.

Sample Reports

VUMPIX streamlines Financial Reporting & Property Management for Buy-to-Let property investors. A very important tool especially for nonresident investors who need as much transparency, visibility and control of their investment as possible from abroad.

Rental Income Anaylsis

Tracking all the important rental activity for each apartment in the portfolio. Real time analysis on potential rental increases using local market comparable data.

  • Vacancy and Occupancy rates
  • Tracking of any Unpaid rents or Bad debts
  • Current rental rate market comparison

Performance & Cash Flow Statement

Tracking all the monthly income and expenses related to each apartment in the portfolio. The reports includes all the typical income and expenses landlords will need to consider in Germany.

  • Tracking all collected and outstanding rents
  • Details of all the fixed and variable running costs
  • Overview of all expenses and liquidity

Maintenance statement

Tracking all the planned and unplanned maintenance work in each apartment in the portfolio. Fixing issues for tenants inside of the apartments as well as common areas.

  • Refurbishment of vacant apartments
  • Electrical, Plumbing & Utility maintenance
  • Tracking all quotes and invoice payments

ROI & Mortgage Statement

Tracking all monthly mortgage payments paid directly to the bank from the rental income account each month. Monthly tracking of any interest rate changes.

  • Remaining mortgage balance & repayments
  • Operational cash-flow and expenses
  • Forecast of ROI
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