Your Guide to Investing in Buy-To-Let Property

The process of buying an investment property in Germany is very different to that in other European countries. This Investment Guide takes you through each stage of the buying process showing you how to avoid any costly pitfalls.

How can this German Investment Guide help you?

This guide covers every stage of the property buying process, sharing our experience and knowledge to ensure a safe and successful property investment in Germany. The guide will help you to:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Get smarter in order to succeed
  • Formulate different strategies
  • Use the property cycle to your advantage
  • Learn to navigate German market specifics

Expert Advice on Investing in German Property

“For the last 20 years, thousands of foreign investors have made successful investments in German real estate. But as prices and rents keep rising and mortgage interest rates remain low, investors need to get smarter in order to succeed. We take you take you step by step through every aspect of researching, financing, buying and managing investment properties in Germany. Take your first step to investing in German Real Estate and download your copy of our Investment Guide today.”

– David Healy, Managing Partner at Investix Germany

Client Testimonial

“After reading the guide, which was very useful, I called the investment office in Germany for reassurance about certain points to do with investing in Buy-to-Let property in Germany. I found the team extremely helpful.”

– Jim Hayes, Irish Investor in Germany

Find the answers to the most common questions Investors have in the German Property Market

This investment guide will help you to navigate all the essential topics necessary to succeed in German property market and prepare for specific challenges foreign investors face when entering it for the first time.


Why is it necessary to have a management company in Germany and what they can do for you.


How the right investment structure can help you to maximise the investment returns.


How to keep track of your investment performance and what data is important to always stay on top of your investment.


How to find the best performing property and where to look for the next property hotspots.


How to choose the right investment strategy that fits your investment objectives and what are necessary steps to achieve it.


How to secure the lowest interest rates with highest LTV on the market and understand the property evaluation process from the German banks.

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