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Regardless are you, an experienced investor or first-time buyer, Investix can help you to secure the best available mortgage conditions in the German market. Our experience and connections with biggest lenders allow us to overcome the biggest challenge for every foreign investor – time.

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Hundreds of international investors have chosen Investix as their trusted property mortgage advisor

Often sellers aren’t interested to wait till you apply for the mortgage and will choose a buyer who pays cash in hand. Since the demand is high, you need to secure finance as soon as possible and at Investix we have proven results to help hundreds of foreign investors to compete in the market.  

Extensive market knowledge

We have been operating in German marketplace for over 20 years and we are familiar with every single detail necessary to be fast and first to complete the mortgage process on your behalf.

Trusted by the major banks

We have a well established relationships with all of the major banks in Germany to ensure we obtain the best financing conditions for our clients.

We speak you language

Understanding specifics of foreign bureaucracy can be overwhelming. We have professional team speaking German, English, Russian and French making the communication transparent and easy for client.

Secure the lowest interest rates on the market From

1.7% – 2.5%

Fixed for 10 years

Example annuity rate calculations
  • Suitable for Personal investment,
  • Company investment & Pension investors
  • Fixed and variable rate interest available
  • Up to 70% LTV
  • Non- recourse to investor

Mortgage Amount €500,000

Repayment Rate Interest Rate
1.70% 2% 2.50%
2% €18,500 €22,000 €22,500
3% €23,500 €25,000 €27,500
3.5% €26,000 €27,500 €30,000

Mortgage Amount €1,000,0000

Repayment Rate Interest Rate
1.70% 2% 2.5%
2% €37,000 €40,000 €45,000
3% €47,000 €50,000 €55,000
3.5% €52,000 €55,000 €60,000

Mortgage Amount €2,000,0000

Repayment Rate Interest Rate
1.70% 2% 2.50%
2% €74,000 €80,000 €90,000
3% €94,000 €100,000 €110,000
3.5% €104,000 €110,000 €120,000

Current Trends in Eurozone Markets

The current wide gap between Euribor rates and Property yields in Germany makes it one of the most exciting investment markets in the world for Buy-to-Let investors.

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