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Buy-to-Let Investments

Our Buy-to-Let property investments offer excellent yields in profitable targeted locations across Germany. The Expert team at Investix will provide you with a full suite of services to ensure every aspect of your Buy-to-Let investment is fully managed. Depending on your level of involvement and the amount of investment funds available, Investix has a range of Investment Solutions designed for maximising returns from the German real estate market.

Berlin / Brandenburg region

Metropolitan of central Europe Berlin, regarded by many as the “New York of Europe” is the German capital and the second largest city in the EU. In the last years, it has received a lot of attention from international investors due to a recent steep increase in prices and shortage of properties, however, it is considered as a safe place for investment with room to grow. Over 84% of the population are tenants!

Expected Rental Yield:

2% - 3.5%

North Rhine Westphalia

The Industrial Heartland of Germany North Rhine Westphalia is the most populous state of Germany and the most important economic region in Germany. NRW has for years been one of the most popular investment locations in Europe. The excellent infrastructure, the central location and the high qualifications of the people make North Rhine-Westphalia excellent choice for property investment. Germany’s No. 1 Economic Region!

Expected Rental Yield:

5% - 7%

Saxony region

Europe’s largest microelectronics cluster Saxony is the birthplace of German industrialization and famous for machine construction and automotive manufacturing industries. Over 650 suppliers in "Autoland Saxony" feed their products to vehicle and engine production sites for Volkswagen, Porsche, and BMW. Qualified workforce and growing industry create a safe environment for investment. Germany's new property hotspot!

Expected Rental Yield:

5.5% - 8%

Structured Investment Solutions


  • Buy-to-Let: For Positive Cash Flow and potential long term gain
  • Buy-Renovate-Sell: For a good springboard into Property Development
  • Property Development: For Large Scale Property Development projects
  • Passive Investments: For Returns without any substantial involvement


We find you the right property


We prepare regular investor Reports & Analysis


We manage the Property & all the cash flows


We arrange you a German bank mortgage


We setup the best tax Optimized structure for investing


We prepare a  5-10 year investment plan for your property

"With over 3,000 Buy-to-let properties under management, we have become one of the biggest Private Landlords in Germany. With that comes an extensive knowledge of the market which we now share with investors from all over the globe."

David Healy, Managing Partner

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Our Expert team provides a full suite of services to ensure every aspect of your Buy-to-Let investment is fully managed in Germany. Contact us today!

David HealyManaging Partner

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