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Depending on your level of involvement and the amount of investment funds available, Investix has a range of investment solutions designed for maximising returns from the German real estate market.


  • Buyers Agent : For an Independent Property Search & Acquisition service
  • RPI: Pool Investments - the perfect Buy-to-Let investment
  • PropHaus: For Multi-Family Homes with Pre-arranged Bank Mortgages
  • PropFund Private: For Portfolios of Multi-Family Homes with Bank Mortgages
  • PropBond: For Income without the hassle of ownership
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Buyers Agent

Independent property search & acquisition

Buying an investment property in Germany can be very time-consuming and tricky. Particularly if you are new to the region or are simply too busy to look. Buyers’ Agent is a service where we act exclusively on behalf of a property buyer. We assist the client during the entire purchasing process from sourcing the properties that correspond to the clients’ requirements to negotiating the best possible price and terms with the seller and helping the client during the legal process to complete the acquisition. Investix buyer agents will research the market and contact agents and draw up a shortlist of properties we feel are notable for you. We’ll discuss the list with you, detailing the benefits of each property and our reason for selecting it

Suitable for:
  • Cash Buyers or investors with German mortgage approval already in place
  • Investors interested in tenanted Multi-Family Homes
  • Busy experienced property investors who don’t speak German
  • Minimum investment amount €500,000+

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RPI - Rental Pool Investments

Safety in numbers and always stay afloat

Rental pools are very common in Germany especially in the Hotel & Tourism sector but Investix specialises in offering its investors rental pool opportunities in tenanted apartment blocks. The concept is simple: Investix organises that investors can buy a single apartment in a rental pool complex and all the owners “pool” everything together. The aim of every RPI investment is to ensure regular payments to each owner by sharing rent losses due to temporary vacancies. Investix rental pool managers rent out the apartments, keeps them maintained and takes care of all tenants. All the rents are collected and disbursed equally amongst the owners. The benefits of rental pools are safety in numbers and economy of scale. If you want hands off control and would likely never manage your rental yourself – this is the perfect Buy-to-Let investment for you.

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Suitable for:
  • Investors buying with cash
  • Investors interested to secure their rental income and minimize vacancy risk
  • Investors who don’t want to manage a rental apartment themselves
  • Minimum investment amount €100,0000+

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Property with locked in German mortgage

PropHaus is the perfect Buy-to-Let solution for investing in tenanted multifamily houses with locked in specialised Buy-to-let mortgage. In addition to all the services of a buying agent, our experienced PropHaus asset managers can offer very attractive pre-arranged German bank mortgage conditions for Non-German investors, advise on how to purchase the property in a tax optimised structure and prepare a 10 years management plan for the investment. Our PropHaus asset managers undertake the strategic management of your real estate investment meaning that they are attempting to increase the capital value of the property through rent analysis and renewals and redevelopment or refurbishment work.

View list of PropHaus Investments

Suitable for:
  • Investors requiring a German mortgage
  • Investors interested in tenanted Multi-Family Homes
  • Busy experienced property investors who don’t speak German
  • Minimum investment amount €250,0000+

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PropFund Private

Your personal German Investment company

PropFund Private is the leading solution for high net- worth individuals investing in residential property portfolios in Germany. This solution helps non-resident investors to Source, Structure, & Manage their investment portfolios in Germany. With PropFund Private you will have a dedicated German investment director, you as the company shareholder and your in-house team of investment professionals. Your dedicated investment manager will be responsible for selecting every property including preparing all the necessary due diligence and valuations, arranging very attractive bank financing, structuring the investment in a tax optimised fund structure, preparing annual investment strategy plans and forecasts, preparing regular investor reports about the performance of the portfolio and managing absolutely everything for the investor in Germany from start to finish for the lifetime of the investment.

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Suitable for:
  • Private high net worth investors requiring German bank financing
  • Investors interested in acquiring a large portfolio of residential property
  • Busy experienced property investors who don’t speak German
  • Minimum investment amount €1,000,0000+

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Income without the hassle of ownership?

PropBond is the perfect short-term fixed income investment in Germany without direct property ownership. Investors are invited to participate in redevelopment projects including new residential development projects in some of the top tier cities in Germany where the demand for new properties outstrips the current supply. Investors acquire short-term investment bonds where they receive a regular fixed income on their investment including a bonus on completion of the investment term. A new generation of property investors are sitting back and enjoying income without the need to have any hands on involvement. Investix only invests in projects which can provide capital & interest security and a clear exit strategy.

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Suitable for:
  • Individual investors investing with cash
  • Investors interested to receive a fixed income
  • Busy experienced property investors who don’t speak German
  • Minimum investment amount €100,0000

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