8.3% Rental Yield

SOLD: See Case Study

Ref: HPI

Portfolio of commercial and residential buildings in various locations in Germany. Special Buy-to-Let mortgage included.

The Investix wealth management team have arranged another great Buy-to-Let investment for a foreign based investor. We acquired this property on behalf of investor and managed all the legal and administration process for taking over the property and all the tenants. We organised a very attractive Buy-to-Let non-recourse mortgage with a leading German bank. We set up a simple tax optimised GmbH company for the clients to use to purchase the property and we prepared a 10 year income and expenses forecast including an ROI forecast. We now manage the property, tenants, maintenance, their GmbH company and monthly cashflows and we prepare regular investor reports for the clients so they have full transparency of their investment in Germany.

This property portfolio consists of three buildings located in cities of Pirmasens, Teuchern and Weissenfels. The portfolio consists of 105 apartments and 1 commercial. These are considered small cities in strategic locations for people wishing for quieter lifestyle but still being close to big city life. All cities are well connected by public transport and have long term tenants paying rent regularly and on time.  This property portfolio was an outstanding opportunity to purchase all apartments below market price. After minor refurbishments and upgrades we were able to increase rents and due to good quality apartments and locations it is very popular with local tenants as a place to reside.


• 105 Buy-to-Let apartments and 1 commercials
• Special Buy-to-Let Non- recourse Mortgage – 62% LTV
• High rental yield of 8.3%
• Potential to increase rents by re-renting apartments when vacant



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Ref: HPI

Ref: HPI

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SOLD: See Case Study .

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