Rental Yield: 6.5%

PRICE: €960,000

Ref: PH19

PH19 STRUCTURED INVESTMENT: Portfolio of 20 tenanted apartments, 30 minute drive from Dresden city centre with a huge investment potential and Guaranteed mortgage of €609,112.

Dresden is regarded by many as Germany’s next Property Investment Hotspot. This exceptional property is located less than 30mins from Dresden city centre.

Units:                                   19 apartments
Current rent:                  €62,364 (yield 6.5% / factor 15.39)
Rentable Sqm:               1,070 sqm
Mortgage included:     Yes

Both properties have convenient transport connections, connecting them to Dresden city centre which can be reached by most commuters in less than 30-40 minutes. The monthly average rent is only 273€ per apartment for both buildings, which gives tenants huge advantage over apartments in Dresden, where same quality apartments would cost between 30% – 40% more. There’s also an opportunity to increase rents after little renovation works on the vacant apartments which will increase rental income even further. The property in Nossen is located in the city centre and the train station is in walking distance of the property. The property in Meissen is located in the heart of the old town and is only 180 metres from the train station, which makes it a desirable place to live and reduce any possible vacancies in the future


  • BMV: 9% Below Market Value – Current Value €1,055,000 (€986/sqm)
  • RENT: Fully rented. Potential to increase the rental yield to 7.4%
  • LOCATION: Excellent location close to Dresden city centre – Germanys next Property Hotspot
  • NEW MORTGAGE INCLUDED: €609,112 Mortgage with a very low fixed interest rate of 1.77% fixed for 10 years.
  • GOOD LIQUIDITY: Mortgage repayments account for only 46% of the rental income.
  • FULLY MANAGED: German based Property & Investment Management


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Ref: PH19

Ref: PH19

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