17th April 2019

PropBond 7 is open for investment

We have launched our 7th edition of one of our most successful products PropBond 7 – Short term German property bond.

Due to continuous demand from investors, backed by the stability of the German property market and financial growth and security of the economy Immorendix is confident to continue issuing corporate project bonds to international investors and deliver high returns.

As an investor in PropBond Germany 7, you will receive an annual coupon of 6% per annum for 3 years, plus a 6% fixed bonus on completion in 2022. This will result in a 24% Fixed income yield during the 3 Year investment term.

The effective date is 1st of July. Don’t miss your opportunity to benefit from receiving stable income from German property market. Investment starts from 100,000€ (for qualified investors 50,000€)

You can read our brochure HERE


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