Rental Yield: 6.5%

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Ref: PH9

12 Buy-to-Let apartments in a renovated Classical style multi-family house. Excellent investment with mortgage.

The Investix wealth management team have arranged another great Buy-to-Let investment for a international investor. We recently acquired this property on behalf of the client and managed all the legal and administrative process for taking over the property and all the tenants. We organised a very attractive Buy-to-Let non-recourse mortgage with a leading German bank. We set up a simple tax optimised GmbH company for the client to use to purchase the property and we prepared a 10 year income and expenses forecast including an ROI forecast. We now manage the property, tenants, maintenance, his GmbH company and monthly cashflows and we prepare regular investor reports for the client so they have full transparency of their investment in Germany.

This property is located in Dessau-Roßlau, the third biggest city in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Over 67% of Dessau-Roßlau residents are tenants. Portfolios like these are ideal for buy-to-let investors seeking a solid rental income and excellent mortgage conditions. This corner building is located in the central district of Dessau, on a quiet residential street. The property has been upgraded including installing a brand new heating system. The investment package consists of a multi-family house with 12 apartments, generating a solid rental yield of 6,5%. The investor in this property will benefit from rental increases over time as the current rent is well below the rental index.


• 12 Buy-to-Let apartments
• Special Buy-to-Let Non- recourse Mortgage – 70% LTV
• Fixed interest rate of 2.1% for 10 years
• Price was €830/sqm – well below re-instatement costs.



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Ref: PH9

Ref: PH9

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