6.5% Rental Yield 4

FOR SALE - €970,000

Ref: 12345

14 units Buy to let Multi-Family home investment - Fully tenanted!

This portfolio of 36 apartments in 5 buildings is located on one street, close to the city centre of Duisburg. The portfolio has a rental income of over €140,000 per annum. The building are in good condition but had 5 apartments vacant and in need of refurbishment. Investix renovated each vacant apartments and rented out to reliable long term tenants. Management team also saw the opportunity of an existing large plot of gardens at the back yard which can be divided and rented out to tenants for additional rental income.

Investix acquired the property for an investor as an off market deal. Once all the due dilligence was completed Investix organised a 70% ltv bank mortgage with a low 10 year fixed interest rate. The clients investment was structured in a tax optimized way and our team prepare a 10 year forecast and plan for the investment which our asset management team oversee each year along with the local property managers. This strategy of increasing rent, paying down mortgage and accumulating cash surplus will highly increase value of the building for the investor.

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Ref: 12345

Ref: 12345

This property was acquired for a client looking for a Positive Cash Flow property investment in Germany.

Passive Investments, Mehrfamilienhäuser
6.5% Rental Yield 3

FOR SALE - €970,000

Mehrfamilienhäuser, Private Portfolios
6.5% Rental Yield 5

FOR SALE - €970,000

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