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PropFund Germany is the perfect turnkey solution for investing in a large portfolio of tenanted multi-family houses in Germany. Our turnkey solutions are managed by a team of experienced German investment managers who focus on 6 key areas for each investment: the Property, Finance, Structure, Strategy, Performance & Management. Our team is responsible for selecting every property for the portfolio including preparing all the necessary due diligence and valuations, arranging very attractive bank financing, structuring the investment in a tax optimised way, preparing annual investment strategy plans and forecasts, preparing regular investor reports about the performance of the portfolio and managing absolutely everything for the investor in Germany from start to finish for the lifetime of the investment. High networth investors seeking a steadying growth of 10%+pa recognise that PropFund is the perfect solution to generate an income for retirement from investing in a portfolio of German Multi-family homes.

Investment Amount:

€2,000,000 +

Projected Return on Investment: 

Average of 10% per annum,

Investment Term:

No fixed term.

Typical for 5-10 year investment term

Suitable for:

Retail investors looking to build an income generating portfolio of residential property in Germany