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PropBond is the perfect short-term fixed income investment in Germany without direct property ownership. Investors are invited to participate in re-development projects including new residential development projects in some of the top tier cities in Germany where the demand for new properties outstrips the current supply.  Investors frequently participate by acquiring short-term investment bonds where they receive a regular fixed income on their investment including a bonus on completion of the investment term. A new generation of property investors are sitting back and enjoying income without the need to have any hands on involvement. PropBond offers these excellent returns without the expense or hassle of directly owning a property in Germany.

Investment Amount: 

€100,000 – €250,000

Projected Return on Investment:

6% interest pa for 3 years paid bi-annually with a 6% bonus at the end of the term. 24% interest over 3 year term (blended 8% pa)

Investment Term: 3 years

Currently open for subscription PropBond 6:

Applications open for International investors willing to invest in German development projects and receive fixed returns of 6% Interest pa + 6% Bonus on exit.
Total return over 3 years: 24%.