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Portfolio Riesa & Wurzen

Location: Riesa, Wurzen, Germany
Price: €1,238,000
Rental Yield:
Mortgage included: Yes
Units: 22
Portfolio of three buildings consisting of 22 high-quality apartments yielding 6.6%

This portfolio consists of 3 buildings totaling 22 apartments and six gardens. The buildings are located in cities of Riesa and Wurzen in the district of Saxony. Wurzen is only 28km from Leipzig with over 545 thousand inhabitants, easily reached by train. Riesa is around 50km from Dresden with a total population of over half a million. Growing population and rental prices within Dresden and Leipzig are forcing people to seek affordable housing outside the city making Riesa and Wurzen popular choice amongst city workers. All three properties are in a good condition; however, some necessary refurbishment works have been listed to reduce vacancy and improve overall living condition allowing to achieve higher rental income from rerenting vacant apartments and gradually increasing rents for existing tenants.

Key Investment Features

  • All properties are located in catchment areas of big cities
  • Apartments offer good quality living
  • Average rent €4,66/sqm
  • Average price per apartment only €56,272
  • Steady rental yield of 6.6%
  • Leverage possible