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Location: Minden, Germany
Price: €2,250,000
Rental Yield: 7.91%
Mortgage included: Yes
Units: 60
Perfect income investment! High liquidity and huge potential to increase the rental income further!

The Investix wealth management team are excited to offer a unique portfolio of 60 apartments in Minden, North Rhine- Westphalia. With an average occupancy rate of 97.8% this portfolio in Minden is one of the best occupied properties of all of our portfolios. Current rents are very low at €4,96/sqm and are 20% below the current rental price index of €6.25/sqm demonstrating a significant opportunity to increase the rental income further in the coming years. By the end of 2016 the restriction by law for the rental prices has ended. This means that we are now free on charging rents based on current market conditions. That will result in major rent increasements within 2017 and 2018.

Key Investment Features

  • 60 Units
  • 30% of the annual rental income left over each year after all mortgage and running costs.
  • Rents are 20% below the Rental index- huge potential for increase
  • Consistent track record or rentals. 2016 vacancy only 2.2%
  • Average price of €32,600/unit.
  • Price: €771/sqm. Well below re-instatement costs.
  • 50% mortgage in place. Opportunity to top up the mortgage in coming years.