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Essen Haus

Location: Essen
Price: SOLD
Rental Yield: 6.89%
Mortgage included: Yes
Units: 16
Solid performing investment with exceptional Mortgage Terms - 1.85% fixed for the next 10 years

The Investix wealth management team have created another excellent turnkey investment in Essen, a thriving metropolitan city in North Rhine Westphalia, consisting of approx. 589,000 in population. This portfolio is ideal for a buy-to-let investor seeking a solid rental income and excellent mortgage conditions. The investment package consists of a multi-family house with 16 apartments, generating a solid rental yield of 6,89%. The investment is wrapped in a tax optimised structure with excellent mortgage terms.

Key Investment Features

  • 16 units
  • Over €364,000 of the mortgage repaid by the rent over the next 10 years – average €36,400pa
  • 80% loan to value mortgage of €950,000 with the lowest interest rate of 1.85% fixed for the next 10 years
  • Good liquidity. Mortgage repayments account for 63% of the rental income.
  • Non-recourse to the investor. No personal guarantees required.
  • Mortgage provided by a leading German bank