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Residential property is the key growth area in Germany right now and there’s never been a better time to invest. Property prices are still relatively low but are rising steadily, rents are on the increase at predictable and realistic rates and bank finance conditions are at their best. These main factors combined with a strong rental culture averaging 54% across Germany, gives an opportunity for our overseas investors to take full advantage and create wealth from the residential property market in Germany


Strong rental culture with high demand for property. Rental yields from 7-9%.


One of the lowest in Europe but steadily rising. Tenanted multi-family homes from €800/sqm.


Interest rates are low and can be fixed for 10 years.

Market News


Residential and commercial real estate prices rise by over 6 %

Prices of residential and commercial real estate in Germany increased at the same rate last year. While the vdp Property Price Index for residential property rose by 6.6 ... read more >

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