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Investix donates €10,000 in memory of Jonathan Briercliffe

Posted by Investix Germany

Jonathan doesn’t need an introduction, because if you ever had a chance to meet him, you would remember him by his witty jokes, charming personality and talent for engaging you in seemingly endless conversations on any topic, making you like him straight away. He was an exceptional character and will be missed a lot.

His sudden passing this Christmas has left many grieving friends and family behind but most importantly Sofia, his 4 year old daughter who is now left without her beloved father. Their connection was remarkable and would be hard to imagine a more loving and caring father than Jonathan. From the day she was born, he would be documenting her every step, proudly sharing her every little accomplishment and making sure she always knows how important she is.

We at Investix Germany are deeply saddened of losing our ex-colleague. He left Berlin and moved to Asia a few years ago, but somehow it always felt that he never truly left and we continued working together on various projects despite the distance. In his memory, the Investix management team decided they would like to remember Jonathan by setting up a small trust fund/college fund for Sofia in Germany which she can access when she is 18 years old. We have deposited €10,000 into the fund ourselves and would also like to invite family, friends and people who knew Jonathan to contribute online as well. Having a father is irreplaceable so this is just our way of continuing Jonathan’s legacy and to go a small way to providing Sofia with a little extra financial security when she is older which Jonathan would have wanted.

For the next 4 weeks, this account will be open for additional donations for his friends or family or anyone who would like to support Sofia. If you have the means to add to this cause it will be much appreciated and help to secure her future. All donations will be added to the account before it is closed.

We want Sofia to remember Jonathan through memories of people who knew him, loved him and cared deeply about him. “You carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”

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